4 reasons to try Anal Play.

There is still some taboo circulating around anal play. Some are completely against it, some are curious. Some are a little scared it might hurt. Others are already experiencing the added stimulation which anal play can bring.

There are some who think that anal play is something only Gay men do. This is a myth. Some people think that if a guy in a relationship suggests anal play he must have Gay tendencies. This is not true. Anal play is something which a lot of couples enjoy as part of a healthy straight relationship.

Can anal play help your relationship? There are some ways in which it can, here are the top 4…

Anal play isn't for ducks.
For some, ‘Bottoms up’ is a great way to improve a relationship.

Trust. One of the biggest benefits of anal play to any relationship is the increase in trust. Let’s face it there has to be a large amount of trust to even think about trying this. The main reason that you have to have trust is because you need to relax. Relaxing makes any anal play a lot more comfortable.


Communication. The nature of anal play brings couples closer together. You need good communication to get it right. Talk about how you want to try anal play and set boundaries. This makes you to talk about how you feel and what you want.


Intimacy. Allowing your partner to try anal play shows how much you trust them. For many people there is nothing more intimate than total trust in the bedroom. You must trust that your partner will listen to you and stop if you ask them to. Your partner needs to trust you to tell them if what they are doing is uncomfortable or painful.


Fun. Any new adventure in the bedroom should be fun. Anal play is a great way to add something new if your sex life is too routine. It can encourage you to try new positions and push your boundaries in ways you wouldn’t think of.


If you think your relationship could be better with anal play you need to talk about it with your partner first. If you both want to try anal play check out our ‘First steps to anal play’ guide to make sure you get the fun you are looking for!


Written by Emma Pollard.

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