5 Reasons to use Ben Wa Balls daily.

Ben Wa Balls (also known as Duo Balls or Love Balls) are little balls of delight that every woman should own.

Fifty shades of grey made them a little more popular but there are more to these pleasure orbs than feeling great.

Purple and white Ben Wa Balls
Balls of delight to tighten and tone.

Here are five great reasons to use them.

  • Tighten and Tone. The vagina is made up of muscles which, as we get older, lose their tightness. Ben Wa Balls provide weight training for the vagina! This help prevent ‘leakage’ when you cough or sneeze and also gives better feeling during sex.
  • Feel Great. Fifty Shades of Grey got this totally right! The balls have weights inside which roll around as you move. This gives a very subtle but delightful sensation which can help to get you in the mood for some serious loving.
  • More intense orgasms. The better condition your pelvic muscles are in, the more intense your orgasm will be. Not only does tighter muscles make sex feel better for you but also for your partner!
  • Your own little secret. For some of us, being a little naughty when we are out and about can be a massive turn on. Wearing your Ben Wa Balls when out shopping, out for a romantic meal or even on the school run can add a spark to your day.
  • Added stimulation. You can use the Ben Wa balls during sex. This gives added sensation to both you and your partner and increases your orgasm!

As you can see, these are more than just a sex toy. The health benefits are as great as the sexual ones, but we like the sexual one more!

You can find our range of Ben Wa Balls here and get info on the best ways to use them here!

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