About Lubalicious.

Lubalicious is where you will find a whole library of information (along with some great sex toys on our main site), built up over time, to help you ‘Put the Buzz back into the Bedroom’ and have a fulfilling and orgasmic sex life.

Feet in bed, blogalicious style
At Blogalicious, we think this is the best position to be in!

We will write about every topic we can think of, from finding your soul mate and dating to sex toys and horny adventures in the bedroom. We have blogs about buying your first sex toy and what to consider, to which sex toy is right for you. We will also explore the more daring aspects of sex, including Anal sex, Group sex and Fetish/BDSM.

If there is anything we have forgotten or you would like us to write about something in particular, please let our team know by using our Contact Us page. We love to hear from our readers about anything sex related. Please let us know if we can improve Lubalicious¬†(we are only human and do sometimes make mistakes, but we promise to put them right if we do) and especially when we have done a good job (it’s nice to know these things).