An Introduction to Online Dating

The Online Dating Phenomenon.

Dating is good for you on many levels, it makes us happy and we like to see our readers happy. Whether you are in a relationship or not, everyone deserves to have love in their life, but if you are single where can you find your dream partner?

This article is the first of many which looks at the phenomenon of Internet dating, throughout the series we will be looking at all aspects of finding love online. From which dating site is right for you, to filling out your profile and that all important first date, we are here to offer guidance and support to help Cupid get his arrow on target.

The Internet is a fantastic tool which most of us couldn’t live without now, from connecting with people across the world to doing your weekly shopping and finding those unusual gifts that you just couldn’t get on the high street, almost everybody everywhere accesses the Internet at some point in their daily lives. There is not always much thought behind it, ‘I just have to check my emails/facebook’ is a common mantra heard across the globe. There is nothing wrong with this, until you take into account the advent of the smart phone, now there is no escape from communication, everyone is available at any given moment in time, I can’t remember the last time I was out and didn’t see somebody on their phone!

I say this a little hypocritically as I am online all day every day, but it is my job and I couldn’t live without it. The wealth of information available is remarkable and you can make a decent living working from the comfort of your own home. The scope for starting your own business online is endless, from selling homemade cards and gifts to writing content for other websites, there is something for everyone at a minimal outlay.

Dating sites play Cupid
The Internet helps out Cupid.

One of the ‘big boom’ online industries is the Dating Websites. There are so many tangled in the World Wide Web and there are more and more cropping up which have their own little niche and it can be difficult to choose which is the best.

There are the market leaders of course, those which have been floating around on the internet for a number of years and these tend to have a larger number of subscribers but they also charge a fee. This is all about business and making money, whilst there is nothing wrong with this (we all need to make money to survive) not everybody can afford to pay out month after month when there are no guarantees. These are also the dating sites which you are likely to see advertised on the T.V. as they have the revenue to do this.

The smaller sites are less likely to make you pay to receive your messages and connect with people. They understand that they provide a service and that is what they enjoy doing, they do monetize their site with the offer of additional services but this is not compulsory.a You should judge the value of the additional services against how much time you spend on the site, ask yourself how often you would use these services to help you to decide if they are worth paying for.

Whichever site you decide to use, there are a few rules and certain etiquette to follow. The number 1 rule is of course to Stay Safe! I mention this now because of its importance but will go further into the how’s and why’s in a future post.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Happy dating!

Written by Emma Pollard.

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