Anal Sex, Destroying the Taboo.

There is still some taboo circulating around anal sex. Some are completely against it, some are curious. Some are a little scared it might hurt. Others are already experiencing the added stimulation which anal sex can bring.

Anal sex isn't for ducks.
For some, Bottoms up is the best way.
There are some who think that anal sex is something only Gay men do. This is a myth. The assumption that if a guy in a relationship suggests anal sex to his partner must have Gay tendencies. This is not the case and anal sex is something which a lot of couples enjoy as part of a normal healthy relationship.

Where to start with anal sex.

Anal sex isn’t just about a man entering a partner’s anus with his penis. With the wide variety of anal toys it is easy to enjoy some form of anal sex. When thinking about anal sex the most important thing to remember is to take things slowly. It is often better to introduce anal play during love making when both partners are most relaxed. Lubrication is a definite must to ensure that things go smoothly. Why not try a small training butt plug for starters? There are a variety to choose from along with sets of various sizes to allow for progression.
Anal beads are a favourite as they are not too big but also enhance the pleasure for both partners. The man can feel them through the wall of the vagina for his pleasure. If removed during female orgasm they intensify it for the ultimate in pleasure. There are many vibrators designed for anal pleasure. These come in all shapes and sizes to suit your personal experience and desire. They can be used solo or during sex for combined stimulation and amazing orgasms. They are often a natural progression from butt plugs and anal beads. If you choose to progress to full anal sex you need to ensure that hygiene is paramount in the bedroom. Never transfer toys or anything else from anal to vaginal. A condom should be worn during anal sex to prevent infections. All toys used should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Always listen to your partner and be guided by each other. A healthy relationship is always built on respect and trust.

Written by Emma Pollard

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