Fifty Shades of Grey and your relationship.

Fifty Shades of Grey has become a literary phenomenon, much like Harry Potter. Nobody knows why these books become what they are, although there was much talk about the eroticism of the Fifty Shades trilogy and I think this had a lot to do with its popularity, but not quite how you would think.

Despite the rather detailed sex scenes throughout the books, I think many readers were drawn in by fantasies of their own. These fantasies are often considered taboo even by modern society and these books have helped to bring these subjects to the forefront of discussions about sex.

If you think back to a time before Fifty Shades, how often was bondage discussed in society? Did you know the role of a submissive in a relationship? Did you know the effects of a butt plug or love balls? While some of you might be answering yes to these questions, many of you won’t.

Passionate Fifty Shades of Grey
Steamy passion in Fifty Shades

There is nothing wrong with not having known about these things, but are you now more interested in them (or some of them) after reading the books? I know I am.

The main reason for this is likely to be safety. Before reading the books many people would have thought that handing control of your body to your partner couldn’t possibly be safe let alone pleasurable, and now things look a little different.

After reading the first book, I have always said that men should read them too, it would give them insight in to what women really want in the bedroom. I am not necessarily talking about the bondage and sex toys, more the respect and sensuality portrayed. If more men read the books they might begin to understand the complexities of the female body and psyche. Sex is not just about the orgasm (although that is a bonus) it is about the combining of two bodies, two souls, in an act of pure trust and love (mostly anyway).

If you are tempted to try a few things from the novels, make sure you do as Christian and Anastasia did and take it slowly. Don’t forget to use a safe word as you progress and only go at a pace you are happy with.

Life is about pushing your boundaries and growing as a person, sex is a large part of life and it is healthy to push boundaries and grow in the bedroom too. Lubalicious will have the full range of Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys on sale at great prices.

One final thought on the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, what was the inspiration, was it personal experience? If not I wonder what was involved in the research?

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