When a Friend with Benefits is a great option.

Any relationship should be focused around what is right for you at any point in your life. Having a friend with benefits is no exception.

When thinking about finding a friend with benefits timing could be everything. Some of the reasons to consider a no strings relationship are…..

Friends with benefits.
The benefits of friends with benefits.

After a breakup.

A friend with benefits could be a good way to build your confidence when someone has let you down. I am not suggesting that you should jump into bed with someone straight after a break up, you need time to heal first.

If this is you, it is a good idea to wait a while. Give yourself time to get over your past relationship, even just a little bit. Adding regret over a friend with benefits will just make you feel worse.


You have been single for a while.

Being single can be great but at some point you can only get satisfaction with another person. Sex toys can only do so much!

A friend with benefits can  remind you how being with someone makes you feel. This can help you to decide if you want to stay single or look for something more permanent.

Dating again can be scary if you haven’t done it for a while. Having a friend with benefits allows you to meet new people without the pressure of trying to impress.


You are unsure of what you want.

Trying to decide what you want from a relationship can be almost impossible. Maybe you’re not ready for a relationship but want the connection with another person. It could be that you have issues with trust and don’t feel ready to share your life with another person.

Having a friend with benefits gives you time to explore your feelings about relationships.


You just don’t want to commit.

It’s not always about a fear of commitment, there are many reasons why someone doesn’t want to commit.

If you feel like this it would be unfair to think about a full relationship, to both you and the other person. Be true to yourself and others if you are not in a position to commit to a partner but you can still have some fun!


Do you have another reason why you have a no strings relationship? Let us know in the comments!

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