Hitting the target with a bullet.

When it comes to sex people often think ‘the bigger the better’.  Sometimes good things really do come in small packages especially when it’s a Bullet.

How can something so small be so effective?

Despite its size a bullet will deliver intense vibration to very specific areas. Used for clitoral stimulation, a bullet can drive a woman to orgasmic pleasure.

These are little powerhouses of pleasure. They are just as versatile as a standard vibrator despite being for external use only.

Rocks Off Bullet Collection
Hit the target every time with   a Bullet.

More ammunition in the bedroom.

  • Nipple teasing is a great way to get your partner in the mood by running the bullet around the breasts and nipple. This works well on either partner and is a great way to introduce and share toys in the bedroom.
  • On him! Who says a bullet is only for women? Tease and tickle his balls during oral to give new sensations and stimulation. If you want to turn the heat right up for him, push the bullet against his perineum.
  • During sex the bullet can be used in certain positions to tease her clit and heighten her pleasure.
  • Tickle his testicles while on top by reaching round with a bullet.
  • Two bullets in the reverse cowgirl position doubles the pleasure for both of you. He can enjoy the view and tease your ass while you tickle his balls and perineum.
  • For light anal play in the doggie style position a bullet can encourage more anal play in the future. Just be careful to not go too far!


As you can see, there is more to a bullet than meets the eye. Everyone should have at least one piece of ammunition in their toy box.

Do you have a different way to use your bullet? Share your secrets in the comments below.

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