How to look after your sex toys.

Sex toys are great for giving you pleasure, they take care of your needs without question. Like many things, they can last a long time but only if you look after them properly. Although most sex toys are easy to look after there are some things which you should be aware of.

  • Always read the instructions. Yes this sounds obvious but do you read the packaging when you get a new toy or just get straight on with trying it out? If a toy has special care instructions you need to know!
  • Keep your toys clean. Always clean your toys before and after each use, many toys can be cleaned with warm soapy water but a sex toy cleaner is recommended for hygiene reasons.
Sex toy cleaner for a health toy box
Sex toy cleaner keeps toys clean and healthy
  • Remove batteries if you know you won’t be using the toy for a while. Another obvious one but one we tend to forget. Leaking batteries will end the life of your sex toy instantly, which will be disappointing when you next want to use it!
  • Check for damage regularly. Yes you need to get up close and personal with your sex toy! Any damage could lead to injury or infection and this is something you really don’t want! Glass and ceramic toys in particular should be checked for chips and cracks.
  • Store toys properly. While many of us will simply place our sex toys in a drawer or box we are often not aware of the damage this could do. Silicone toys, in particular should always be stored separately. Silicone has a nasty habit of try to become like other silicone. This means that a jelly silicone vibrator and a firm silicone vibrator will try to take on the texture of the other, if stored in contact with each other. The two will become fused together and neither will be of any use. Either store in the original packaging or wrap in satin material, any fluffy material is likely to leave your toy fuzzy!

If you follow these guidelines you should get many years of safe and hygienic pleasure from your toys.



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