The Luba Guide to Lube.

When you want the ultimate fun in the bedroom, the right lube can make all the difference.

With so many on the market today how do you know you are buying the right one for your needs?

The short but handy guide aims to help you get the perfect lube for the perfect fun.

Not everyone likes to use lube. For those who like to play for longer or enjoy using toys it can make all the difference. If you enjoy anal play then you should already know the benefits of a good quality lube.

Here is our guide to keeping things slippery when wet.

  • Water based. This is a great general use lube. It is easy to clean and works well. Perfect and safe for use with all sex toys and condoms and is widely available. The only possible problem with water based lube is that you might have to reapply every now and then.
  • Silicone based. This is thicker than water based and is longer lasting. It is not suitable for use with silicone sex toys and condoms so you will need to bear this in mind. The silicone formula can be a little more difficult to clean after play but it does work very well.
A selection of flavoured lube
Getting Fruity!
  • Flavoured. These are mainly for use during oral sex. While they are a great lube they also give a satisfying taste to add to the experience. Flavoured lube is usually water based and available in a variety of fruity flavours.
  • Water/Silicone mix. Get the best of both worlds with a blend of water and silicone based lube. Safe for use with sex toys and condoms. It’s as easy to clean as water based lube but thick enough for anal play. These are a great value all-purpose lube.
  • Sensations. A water based lube with an added extra! These lube either warm up, cool down or tingle to give an unusual but interesting feeling. Safe for use with sex toys and condoms these are great for some serious fun.

We are giving anal lube its very own section (because we can).

  • De-sensitising. This does exactly as it says. It desensitises the butt to take the sting out of penetration. A great lube for beginners in anal play.
  • Relaxing. This is like desensitising lube. It eases discomfort by relaxing the muscles while maintaining the sensations. This means that entry should be easier and more comfortable but you are still going to feel it!
  • Natural. This is a thick lube designed for anal play. Thicker than regular lube but safe for use with condoms and sex toys. There is no desensitising or numbing agents in these lubes.


Still not sure?

If you still can’t quite decide which is right for you drop us a message via our store here and we will be happy to help!

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