Perfect profile, what to include.

One of the first things to do when online dating is to create the perfect profile, there is no getting out of it, this just has to be done and done right. Your profile is the first impression that potential partners will get and as they say, first impressions count.

The first thing you are often asked to do is to upload a profile picture, makes sense right? Obviously physical attraction is important and this is the first step to finding your perfect partner. There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to your profile picture, here are the main ones;

  • Do make sure you have a clear facial shot. Although personality is more important than looks to most people, there does need to be some physical attraction there too.
  • Do smile. There is nothing worse than a photo with the subject not smiling, and make it real. Not only does a smile show you are happy it makes you more friendly and approachable, a fake or forced smile is easy to spot. If you can’t smile for a photo it can give the impression that you are a grumpy or serious person.
  • Don’t show too much flesh. While your boobs or chest might be your best feature most people don’t want to see this on the internet, it doesn’t always give the best first impression and let’s face it, it doesn’t leave much to discover during the first night of passion.
  • Don’t use the mirror. I know it might be convenient to take your own photo and getting it right when you can’t see it is a nightmare (been there done that) but a photo taken in the mirror just isn’t great (I for one find it really irritating). Get a friend to take it, if they are a close friend then even better as they are more likely to take the best picture possible.
  • Don’t have anyone else in the photo with you. Your friends might be a big part of your life but there is nothing worse than trying to work out who you are talking to from a group of people. The same goes for children, they are obviously a major part of your life and they do deserve a mention but including children in photos online generally isn’t a good idea.
Perfect profile.
Perfect profile for the perfect match.

Once you have the picture sorted it’s time to move on to the profile itself. For the perfect profile honesty is always the best policy, what is the point of telling someone that you are something you are not? Be true to yourself and start any potential relationship on a good and honest footing. When it comes to hobbies and interests, the more you add the more chance there is of finding a match as most sites now use this information to make the recommendations but don’t give everything away, leave something to talk about later. Instead of listing every single band just mention one or two and which genre you prefer and the same with films and T.V. I have found that guys are particularly slack in the profile area, I have lost count of the amount of unfilled profiles I have come across. For the most part I simply move on, it shows that you just can’t be bothered to complete it so what would make someone think you would be committed to a relationship.

The most important thing to remember about your perfect profile is that it is there to give a good first impression, make it fun and make it fact.

Happy Dating.

Written by Emma Pollard.

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