Sex toys for couples.

They say that couples who play together stay together and this is why we have a section devoted to sex toys for couples.

Why do couples need to use sex toys?

This is often a question which comes up during discussions about this. Men often feel that the introduction of a sex toy means that they are not satisfying enough for their partner. While the woman involved knows that this is not the case it can take some convincing to put the man’s mind at ease. Introducing sex toys into a couple’s relationship is in no way a reflection on the ability of either partner but more an enhancement of what is already established.

Revamp a boring sex life.

It is common knowledge that after a period of time, most relationships become a little mundane and ordinary. This tends to happen, both in life as well as in the bedroom. While routine is considered a good thing in most life situations, a routine in the bedroom can quickly become boring which will lead to a lack of sexual interest. A lack of interest and complacency will often lead to frustration and arguments and ultimately an unhappy relationship.

The good news is that this can be avoided simply be being a little more adventurous in the bedroom. I am not suggesting swinging from the lampshades (unless that gets your juices flowing) but making just a few simple changes to the normal routine can work wonders for spicing things up a little.

Sex toys are one of those things that add an extra dimension to your love making sessions. They are not the only thing you can use to spice things up, especially if they are new to you and your partner is a little hesitant. There are a number of lubricants on the market which not only help to get things a little more slippery but can also give a little tingle, heat or coolness. These lubricants add a new sensation to sex which will, in turn increase the intensity of orgasm (and this is never a bad thing). The best thing about these lubricants is that they provide a gentle introduction to enhancing your pleasure. Once you are comfortable using these lubricants, the progression to using sex toys can become a natural thing.

Which sex toys are best for couples?

With so much choice when it comes to sex toys, knowing which ones to buy when you first introduce them can be a little daunting. The best decision might be to start with the more basic vibrators and build a collection as you learn to enjoy them together. As you build a collection you will come across sex toys of various shapes, sizes and intensity. Many vibrators are designed for use during foreplay (or alone) and as such can provide intense feelings before penetration. There are some sex positions where it is possible to use a vibrator during sex but this can be a little uncomfortable depending on the size of the toy. If you want to use toys during sex, there are a large number of cock rings available which also vibrate. The biggest benefit of these is that they provide pleasure for both the man and the woman. Cock rings work by stimulating the penis to enhance the erection and also stimulate the clitoris. 

Sex toys for couples
Sex toys for couples.

Once you are more experienced with using sex toys as a couple, you should find that sex becomes less boring and routine. This should also mean an increase in frequency and intensity of orgasm for the woman and we all know how great a mind blowing orgasm can be to help relieve the stress of today’s society.

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