Sex toys for men, why they should have them too.

Sex toys for men are rarely heard of, most people associate sex toys with vibrators for women. Should men have sex toys too? Why the hell not!!

Most women have discovered the joys of the vibrator, they have had good coverage on the T.V. Sex and the city and the 50 shades books done wonders for the sex toy industry. This publicity (can we call it that?) seemed to be aimed at sex toys for women and men didn’t get much of a look in. While women have become more liberated with their sex lives, men seem to have become complacent with their own needs. More men are willing to use sex toys with or on their partner but neglect to consider using them for their own pleasure. Men seem to be of the impression that using sex toys will diminish their sexuality and manliness rather than increase their sexual pleasure. Let’s see if we can redress the balance to some extent.

There have been sex toys for men (I’m thinking inflatable dolls!) and accessories for some time, but these have been largely restricted to things like cock rings (and of course the dolls). These are great and have served their purpose but it is time to give the guys something more. Gone are the days of the seedy sex shop and hiding the sex toys in the back of a cupboard.

Sex toys for men have come on in recent years and there are many varieties available which include prostate massager’s and masturbators. Some of these are designed for solo use, such as the masturbators and some for use as a couple. Using toys during sex is a great way to release your inhibitions and discover the inner secrets of your (and your partners) pleasure zones.

Sex toys for men, why not?
Guys should have toys too!

Because of the male ego and societies perceptions I think it might be time for us women to take control in the bedroom and encourage our men to embrace sex in the way women have. I have found that men love it when a woman is adventurous and want to use toys to enhance their fun in the bedroom but don’t think about using the toys themselves when a part of a couple.

The solo toys for men have become quite popular and this might be because they are used individually and nobody else needs to know. How to redress this imbalance is a quandary which may take some time but with a little persuasion from the ladies, total equality in the bedroom can be achieved.

Written by Emma Pollard.

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