Valentine’s Day gifts with a twist.

Valentine’s day is one of those days full of hearts and flowers, where everything seems so ‘same old same old’. The traditional flowers and chocolates are lovely but after a year or two it might be time to ring the changes and try something different.

We have taken a look to find some unusual suggestion for your loved one this Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day Promise coupons/vouchers.

These are not your usual coupons and we don’t recommend try to use them in your local supermarket!

A promise coupon allows you to give something truly personal to your loved one. They can be purchased online, but to make them really unique we suggest that you get busy on the computer and make them yourself. The don’t have to be in a booklet, you could just slip them inside a card for a nice surprise.

The coupons can be for anything you want to give, from an evening of quiet pampering to a night of unadulterated passion! Be creative and think about what your partner would really love to do, then find a way to give them that via the coupon.

If you are really clever with it, you will find that you can a huge amount of pleasure too!

Valentine's day love
Love is all you need this Valentine’s day

Experience Days.

Many couples find that they don’t get to spend quality time together and this can be vital for a healthy relationship.

An experience day gives you quality time, doing something fun. Whether it be a track day for him or a spa day for her you will get the time you need to experience something new together. The only rule is you have to do it together. There is no point giving your partner a track day experience for you to sit back and watch, just as he shouldn’t give a spa day to simply drop you at the door of the venue!

These gifts are not just about giving, it’s about experiencing things together and sharing the experience.


We stumbled upon these through retargeting adverts online (those annoying adverts that follow you around the internet) and had to check them out.

Although these are typically ‘Valentine’s day slushy’ they are also awesome!!

You create your characters for your book then choose from various pages to let your partner know exactly how you feel about them and why you love them. There is even a page for marriage proposal!

This is a US based company so you will need to be quick with ordering and the books cost about $45 with postage (that’s about £32) but we think it is definitely worth it for a unique gift.

Let us know what you have panned for your loved one this Valentine’s day by leaving a comment below, can you think of something unique that we have overlooked?

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